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Getting the word out about SFI is the key to your success. When I first joined SFI, I printed flyers, made business cards, advertised in magazines and offline classified ads, posted ads on telephone poles and had signs made for my car…

I did everything and anything I could to tell people about SFI. Truth be told, a lot of those things didn’t work very well, but that never deterred my passion and commitment to grow my SFI business.

These days, on average, I refer 3-5 new SFI members to my team every day, and then I aim to teach my referrals exactly what I do to grow my SFI business so they can experience success in SFI as well.

In the spirit of sharing what I do, here’s a few of the places that I advertise my SFI business online with profitable results:

Bit To Click – Users are incentivized to click your ads and visit your website for 20 seconds. I get a lot of referrals from this site. You can see how ads look on this page.

Udimi – This is really my favorite place to advertise, and it’s the site that most of my top earning team members use to steadily build their teams. Basically, you pay to send your email out to other people’s lists. Used intelligently, you can easily refer 3-5 new SFI members every day forever using this service. Then just teach your team what you do, and you can build an SFI team of thousands of serious business builders in the next year.

SOTAM – This is my favorite shared mailing service. I make regular sales being an upgraded member in this service and mailing my offers to 30,000 people every 2 days.

All of the services above are effective at helping me grow my SFI business, and I’m sure they can help you too! That said, this is only the tip of the iceberg… There are countless places you can find online to advertise and promote your SFI affiliate business effectively.

My strategy is to continually find new places and strategies to spread the word about my business, and automate the process as much as possible. By doing this, over many years, I have hundreds of places people find me online and join my SFI team.

One thing I’ve got to say… Once you start building your SFI business, NEVER STOP! I joined SFI in 2001 and a couple of weeks after I joined, the person who referred me dropped out… What a shame!

I would have made that person A LOT of money over the years, as I’ve built the biggest duplicating team in SFI since then.

Implement a new strategy or marketing action every day in your business for the next year to get the word out about SFI, and over time you will have hundreds of “lines in the water” with bait ready to pull in the big one who can help you turn SFI into your full-time passive income for life!

SFI has been consistently paying me a big commission check every month for over 15 years. They are an extremely reliable and well-built affiliate program that is here to stay. Anchor down and make SFI your home, and the fruit of your commitment and effort will support you well into your golden years! 🙂

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