My Best Tip to Grow Your SFI Business

My best tip is to add value when you are promoting SFI.

For example, instead of just recommending that someone join SFI and sharing your affiliate link, create a value-added offer of service that includes joining SFI as a requirement for receiving your service. This works best when your service is designed to help your SFI referral succeed with SFI.

Here’s an example of an offer/service you could create to add value:

You could setup a series of email letters that are used to promote SFI into an autoresponder service such as GVO, Aweber, GetResponse, etc. Then you could find a place that helps you pull in subscribers to this autoresponder series. Then you could create a special offer to setup the exact same email follow-up campaign you are using to promote SFI for your referrals.

You would say something like this (as long as it’s tested and true):

“I’ve developed an automatic and effective way of making money online and I would like to set it up for you absolutely free. All you need to do to participate is sign up for this 100% free affiliate program called SFI here: (here’s where you promote your SFI affiliate link). SFI is top-rated online business backed by the Better Business Bureau that empowers regular people to earn money from home using only their Internet connection. It is a legitimate business with over 10 years of history and thousands of success stories.”

“What I’ll do for you when you join SFI today is create an autoresponder account for you (this is a tool that allows you to send offers to people by email and follow up with them effortlessly to promote products you want to sell online), and I’ll load your autoresponder for you with 10 pre-written emails that I’m using to make money with the SFI home business myself. Then I’ll show you how to build your subscriber list so the letters I’ve installed for you will follow up with your subscribers and promote the SFI business and products for you automatically.”


That’s an example of how you can add a lot of value and immediately help the people you refer to SFI start duplicating and growing their business under you. All you need to do is learn how the autoresponder service you plan to use works. GetResponse is a good one because you can setup a free account for your team members and pre-load it with a series of pre-written email messages that are customized with your new team member’s affiliate links. Then learn how a lead generation service works such as GetSubscribers to automatically build your email list so you can teach your referrals how to do this with their autoresponder.

Of course, to make this work, you would first need to set all this up for yourself and ensure that you have a proven system that is effective at pulling in new SFI signups. Once you’ve got that (and it wouldn’t be hard to do with the 2 services mentioned above), you’ve got a duplicatable system that you could use to build a large downline team in SFI because you’ll be getting referrals and all your referrals will be getting referrals because they are using your proven duplicatable system.

And that’s just one example. There are many different autoresponder and lead generation services you could use to setup something similar.

The main point here is to go above and beyond and offer people MORE than your affiliate link for signing up with you…

– You could offer to advertise for them.
– You could offer to build a website for them.
– You could offer to provide one-on-one personal training and hand-holding.
– You could offer a co-op to place referrals in their downline.
– You could offer an incentive such as join me in SFI and get this special free bonus… which could be a great product that you’ve purchased resell rights too, etc…

The possibilities are truly unlimited. Just think of ways that you can add value to the existing SFI offer and create your own very unique special offer for inspiring people to join you in SFI.

In my experience, the best special offer there of all is providing a service that actually helps your new SFI referral start building a successful SFI business themselves. Personally, I’ve been refining this exact process for over 10 years now and have created a free website building service which provides my SFI team with a fully duplicatable system that includes a website that I install for them that promotes SFI effectively, a complete autoresponder and email campaign (as we discussed above) with 400 days worth of pre-written email follow-up letters that help promote SFI effectively and many free bonuses including step-by-step training which shows members how to build a profitable SFI business by advertising effectively on the Internet using free and low cost online marketing strategies.

It’s because of this service that my SFI team is spreading all over the Internet like a wildfire that can’t be slowed down… It’s why I have been consistently awarded with SFI’s Top Leadership Builder prize year after year.

This is the kind of momentum that you want to create in your SFI business by creating or promoting a value-added SFI offer that helps your team duplicate and grow a successful SFI business under you. When you do this, you will be fulfilling the greatest of all affiliate and network marketing rewards of passive residual income. As billionaire J. Paul Getty famously declared: “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” And so it should be for you if you want to maximize your income from one of the greatest home business opportunities in the world: SFI. Create a value-added offer that inspires people to join SFI on your team, and provide service and support to help your team members succeed!

If you are reading this and on my SFI team it is most likely because you found me through my free website building service since this is how I promote SFI. I encourage you to review the details of my website carefully yourself so that you can see how I setup my own service to invite people to join me in SFI and what added-value I’ve brought to the table to support my team. You are welcome to model (not copy) what I’ve done in creating your own unique special offer for growing your SFI team.

Also, if you are already a member of my free website building service, you’ll know that you also get your own affiliate link for my service that you can use to promote this offer and grow your SFI business even faster. If you don’t have your own SFI special offer yet, you can simply promote the affiliate link I give you for my free website building service and everyone you send to that special link will be directed to join SFI directly with you. This is the easiest way I’ve found to grow my SFI business quickly and create massive team duplication. It’s a way of piggy-backing on my success and all of the value I am currently offering through my free website building service. You simply give away free websites and people join your SFI team, start duplicating and growing a successful SFI business with you for many years to come. Many of SFI’s top earning affiliates are doing exactly this.

I hope you enjoyed “My Best Tip” and that it helps you take your SFI business and your income to a whole new level.

I wish you the very best and if you have any questions, please contact me. The best option is the live-chat feature at the bottom-right of this website when I’m online (at some point every day), or by sending me a text message at: 1-214-762-2329

Email is unreliable because of spam filters. I have often replied to people by email and they do not receive my response, and vice versa. If you really want to communicate with me, please use one of the methods above.

I look forward to helping your grow your SFI business!


Stone Evans

P.S. I’ve got one more important tip for you! Take small actions daily toward your success and stick with this program long-term. I’ve been with SFI for over 15 years now. That said, the person who originally referred me to SFI dropped out a few week after they sponsored me…. What an unfortunate event for that person… I would have made them a lot of money because my team is massive and growing quickly every day! Don’t be that person. Be the one who grabs this opportunity by the horns and runs with it knowing that taking small actions every day toward your success in SFI will pay huge dividends over the next year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and beyond… 🙂

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