Do You Think You Stink at Writing?

One of the biggest obstacles holding you back from success online could be the fear that your writing is lousy. But let me ask you… can your readers understand your meaning?

Do You Think You Stink at Writing?

Or are they as flummoxed as I was when I read this YouTube comment?

The unwieldy downtown conjecturally suffer because belt seemingly buzz vice a jumbled goose. scandalous, adhesive september

I don’t know if this came from one of the early bots, or perhaps someone who knows no English but received a dictionary for his birthday, or just someone who drank a few too many.

Whatever the case, it received two replies (both positive!) within three days and I’m betting your writing is better than that.

So, stop sweating your writing skills and just write. You’ll find the more you do it, the better you get.

And have fun. If you don’t find at least some pleasure in creating your posts and products, maybe you’re in the wrong niche.

Content marketing isn’t supposed to be that hard. After all, if you find that your belt seemingly buzzes vice at a jumbled goose in a scandalous manner, then sticking to September might be the right move after all. 😉

Relax. Have fun. Make some mistakes.

And just write.

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